Testimonials 1

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Win was a breeze. Due to my busy work schedule, I am only able to see him on Saturdays. I was quite nervous visiting Dr. Win about my retinal detachment as I have been ignoring this issue for quite sometime. He and his staff put my mind at ease. With several treatments, my vision has improved significantly. I love being able to see again.

Lee J.
Irvine, CA

Dr. Win was instrumental in diagnosing my retinal stroke. He was able to find the cause of the blockage. With treatment and surgery, my vision has significantly improved. Having my vision restored is the best gift anyone can give. I am pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr. Win for any retinal issues.

Nery V.
Chino Hills, CA

With a convenient location adjacent to Santa Anita Park, I have been receiving treatment for my retinal detachment. I got into a terrible car accident which caused one of my retinas to detach from my left eye. My eye doctor told me that I had to see a specialist to treat my eye. With Dr. Win’s expertise, I was able to make a full recovery to my left eye. I am happy that he was able to fix my retinal detachment. He and his staff made me feel better about my awkward situation.

Jinping W.
Arcadia, CA

My elderly father developed macular degeneration in both eyes. He had already gone blind in one eye by the time he was diagnosed by our optometrist. Our optometrist recommended that seek the services of Win Retina for treatment. With medication and surgery, the doctors at Win Retina were able to repair his vision in one eye. I was very happy with the fact that they were available 24/7 to help my father with anything that he needed for his treatment.

Trinh P.
Corona, CA

I was referred by my optometrist to see Dr. Win about my detached retina. When I met Dr. Win, he was very friendly. He thoroughly explained my detached retinal condition and recommended a course of action. With surgery, he was able to completely restore my vision in my right eye. He is a great doctor that I would highly recommend to all my friends and family.

Alan W.
Monterey Park, CA

Dr. Win is the best retina doctor. He saved my vision with his surgery. Dr. Win is a very nice and caring doctor. He is very patient and takes time to answer all my concerns. I have recommended all my family and friends to Dr. Win. “

Chris W
Palmdale, CA

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